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Carers go to court!

We demand an end to bogus self-employment for 24-hour personal care workers and take legal action! Good care and support needs good working conditions!

To financially support the lawsuit, we’ve started a crowdfunding project on Please help us raise funds for the lawsuit, every little bit helps!

There are so many appeals for donations. Why is the case against the bogus self-employment of 24-hour care workers so important? Read what activists and supporters say.

What this is about:

On paper, 24-hour carers work almost exclusively as self-employed entrepreneurs whose clients are referred to them by an agency. Self-employment is defined by the worker’s lack of dependence on another party. They are not bound by instructions and are free to set their own working hours, workplace, and routines. They are manager of their own business and are not bound to anyone else’s business practice.

None of this is true for personal care workers. They are personally and financially dependent on their agency, under the agency’s control, and do not have funds of their own. Often, these so-called brokerage contracts contain non-competition clauses as typically found in employment contracts.

Personal care workers are therefore actually employees of their agencies in a legal sense. Through bogus self-employment, the agencies evade their duties as employers and personal care workers lose the legal worker protections they are entitled to.

Personal care workers must in fact be available for their clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, two to four weeks at a time, for only two to three Euros per hour!

We are IG24, the association for the promotion of the interests of 24-hour carers in Austria, and we will not stand for these inhumane conditions any longer.

Like our colleagues in Germany and Switzerland, we are going to court!

Support our lawsuit to end bogus self-employment!

Justice for 24-hour carers!


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