Migra Care


Migra Care Integration of 24-hour caregivers into care networks in Austria What is the project about? Currently, many elderly, frail people living at home are cared for by personal carers - so-called 24-hour carers. The majority of these carers are migrant women (98%) from Eastern European countries such as Slovakia, Romania and [...]

Making the invisible visible


Making the invisible visible Data collection on 24-hour carers https://24h-unsichtbar.at Empirical data on the working reality of the approximately 60,000 24-hour carers working in Austria is currently lacking, which leads to a variety of problems. The narratives and publicly available information about this sector are mainly created by placement agencies, care families [...]

Care4Care: from precarious to safe working conditions


Care4Care From precarious to safe working conditions 24-hour carers in Austria work under precarious conditions: Most of them are migrants commuting from Romania or Slovakia to support Austrians who require care. The majority of carers are holders of a business license and should therefore be personally and professionally independent in the pursuit of [...]

Carers go to court!


Carers go to court! Crowdfunding project on respekt.net - we have reached our fundraising goal! To fund a process against bogus self-employment, we have started a crowdfunding project on respekt.net. We have reached our fundraising goal! We would like to thank all donors and supporters for their great support of the crowdfunding campaign! [...]

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