Reduction of working hours – higher wages – more staff

“24 hours SOLIDARITY!”

Out of sight, out of mind: 24-hour carers are invisible in Austria. We are with our clients 24/7. That’s why you don’t see us. Not in the supermarket, not at the neighbour’s, not on the street.

On the afternoon of 3 October 2020, we marched as DREPT and IG24 on the demonstration “Applause is not enough!” from the Museumsquartier to Mariahilferstraße. We wanted our voices to be heard – also the voices of all of us who cannot claim our rights because they care for and look after people in Austria around the clock.

We were five Romanian 24-hour carers and many activists who supported our cause. And a purple, empty block that stood for all 24-hour carers who could not be there.

With chants like “24 hours – SOLIDARITY” we as DREPT demanded to finally be taken seriously. 24-hour carers cannot buy food, send their children to school or look after people on the basis of applause.

Many people and organisations showed solidarity with us on the streets. And our demand to finally end the hypocritical bogus self-employment.

We demand fair working conditions, fair pay and some form of employment for us and for all our colleagues in 24-hour personal care – on 3 October and today!

Photos from the demo

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Videos von der Demo

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