Amnesty International is campaigning to improve the working conditions of 24-hour caregivers with the “24 Hours Essential” campaign. Use the remaining time to support this important campaign! It is the first major campaign ever organised for this disadvantaged professional group in the history of 24h care!

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  • Protection of the rights of all carers (fair minimum wage and protection against excessive working hours).
  • The voices of caregivers must be heard and included, especially in care reform.
  • Expansion or strengthening of control and complaint possibilities for carers and the persons to be cared for.
  • Consider the rights of carers in the certification programme of the agencies.
  • Multilingual support and counselling services for caregivers must be expanded nationwide.
  • The status of 24-hour caregivers as self-employed must be reviewed and adjusted if their work situation resembles an employment relationship.