The feminist-development organisation Frauen*solidarität published an article by our colleague Simona Ďurišová in their magazine, which is dedicated to the work situation of caregivers and briefly reports on the activities of our association.

The first Corona wave presented our society with various challenges and problems. But it was also a time when IG24 was formed as an official association. The reasons why IG24 exists at all are manifold, but have a common denominator – the exploitation of caregivers resulting from their disadvantages under labour and social law.

We are happy about the opportunity to point out the precarity in 24-hour care and at the same time to present the work of our association!

A short excerpt from the article:

“IG24 supports the empowerment of caregivers and acts in areas where there have been gaps in 24-hour care until now: Counselling and conflict resolution, public relations, community and advocacy work. The main demand is to guarantee safe and fair working conditions through state-supported employment of caregivers. In December 2021, IG24 therefore launched the crowdfunding campaign for the court case against bogus self-employment “Caregivers go to court”, which you can support by donating and spreading the word about the campaign. The aim is to have the dependent employment relationship between the caregiver and the agency recognised by the courts and to force political sponsors to reform 24-hour care. The improvement of the working situation of caregivers is inevitable!”

You can find the long version of the article here: