The Covid crisis and in particular the lockdown in March and April led to the worst economic slump in Austria since the Second World War. It quickly became apparent that the crisis was hitting different population groups differently. It has a particularly negative effect on those who were already in precarious circumstances before the Covid crisis. Existing social inequalities, such as in connection with the distribution of wage and care work, educational opportunities and future prospects, are exacerbated.

This is where the discussion contributions of the COVID kaleidoscope come in. In this context, the issue examines existing social imbalances and their aggravation in the Covid crisis.

The COVID kaleidoscope is an online publication by the BEIGEWUM that was created over the summer of 2020 and tries to take as broad a look as possible at the social consequences of the pandemic. It includes commentaries, interviews and academic papers that examine the Covid crisis from different angles.

The IG24 is represented in this publication with an interview together with the UNDOK association and Sezonieri!

The first presentation of the COVID – Kaleidoscope II will take place on Thursday, November 4th, from 7 p.m. in the Republican Club.

Rockhgasse 1, 1010 Vienna

Panel discussion with Katharina Mader (Gender Equality Out of the Pandemic), Tobias Orischnig (Redistribution for the Global South – from vaccine procurement to monetary policy “bailing out”), and Lea Steininger (What role should central banks play in combating crises?).

Moderator: Bettina Haidinger (Beigewum)

The 2.5 G rule (vaccinated, recovered or PCR-tested) and masks are mandatory for the event. Please register for the event at beigewum@beigewum!)

Issues I and II are available as PDFs for free download on the BEIGEWUM website.